ian caseleyThis is the website of Ian Caseley, Lord of Bridgwater. It is a digital ‘stake in the ground’ relating to my life – past, present and future plans. I have a lifetime of events to recall and write up. It just needs time and the will to do so. I have little spare time.

There is no planned conclusion to this website. It simply serves to publish the truth.

Ian Caseley on Life

Billy Connolly once said that there is no such thing as bad weather, it’s just weather. I even remember reading a sign in a school that proclaimed something similar with a remark about wearing the right clothes. Ian Caseley looks at life in much the same way, one has to deal with what comes along and deal with it as best as one can.

I didn’t really expect to be living as I am now, but it is a damn good life. I am well equipped both physically and mentally to handle my environment and the problems it can throw up. Ian Caseley is intelligent, can learn quickly, has an higher than average I.Q. and over delivers against expectations.

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No Such Thing as Luck

I have lost count of how many people have told me how lucky I am. And I have tired from telling them that there is no such thing as luck. If you do not plan, if you do not desire, if you do not hold dear certain values and if you have no ambition, you will achieve nothing. Those amongst us that have any quality of life have planned one way or another and to a greater or lesser extent.

If people tell me today that I am lucky, I just nod in casual agreement. It is easier than wasting time trying to educate people who may well never grasp the concept. It is not luck that allows me to live as I do.

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Funny how life can turn out when you combine outside forces and ones desire to do well.