Roadzombie Ford 100e

pink 100e

My little Roadzombie Ford 100E is a 1959 Ford 100E with a supercharged Rover V8 and manual transmission. I purchased this is the late 1990’s as an original Ford 100e that was in a tired and well used state.

roadzombie ford 100e

Roadzombie Ford 100e Key Facts

  • 1959 Ford 100e heavily modified and road legal
  • Engine – Rover V8 with Roots supercharger, built by Geoff Jamieson
  • Transmission – modified Rover 5 speed manual
  • Speed – low 13 seconds at circa 105 to 110 mph on drag strip
  • Paint – roadzombie pink

pink 100e

Building the Roadzombie Ford 100e


Most of the original Ford 100e was removed and just the roof, rear wings and boot lid were retained. The front wings, front panel, bonnet and both doors were fibreglass to save weight. A new frame was constructed from box section steel to accommodate the modern running gear and other changes.

ford 100e tube frame


The engine was from a SDI rover so it was fairly modern and low mileage. The engine was stripped, checked and built to work with the Roots supercharger so it would run nice and give a good lifespan. The result was a high torque motor that was easy to drive and maintain.

supercharged rover v8

At the Dragstrip

My supercharged Ford 100e was consistent on runs and normally clocked around 13.30 seconds to cover the standing quarter-mile. It would often be travelling at around 105 miles per hour in third gear with the engine at 7,500 rpm.

ian caseley

pink 100eian caseley pink fordThese photos are from the period 2001 to 2003 when I would visit Avon Park Raceway to have some fun and learn. The Roadzombie was also road legal, so I would drive to and from the drag strip and sometimes use it to commute around town.

One day I got to watch Colin Fallows in the Vampire Jet dragster and I decided I would build a jet dragster, you can read about the Roadzombie Jet Dragster here.

I sold my 100e in 2016.