Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Series 1

My Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, one of the last of the Series 1 Spirits registered in January of 1989, safe to assume it was made in 1988. It is a fine example of a good honest Rolls Royce. Purchased by me in December of 2009 from a deceased estate. At that time it had covered 34,000 miles, always been garaged and maintained by Rolls Royce technicians.

Whilst in my ownership it had light driving duties, typically covering 3,000 miles a year. Everything worked on this car just as it would have when it left the factory. Maintenance was undertaken by a Rolls Royce technician who had workshops near to my home. After inspecting and driving my Rolls Royce Silver Spirit he confirmed it was a very good example. The only thing I changed from original is the radio, I removed the old cassette player and installed a really nice modern cd player.

This Rolls Royce Silver Spirit is a lovely way to get about. It drives effortlessly and no matter how far you travel you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Engine

The engine was spotless and clean, not because it had been steam cleaned or washed down. It was clean because it always had been and a light build up of dust could be seen in places.

rolls royce silver spirit engine

At the annual service the engine oil was as clean as the day it was put, the year before.

rolls royce silver spirit oilInterior

The interior was in excellent condition with normal patina to the drivers seat therefore supporting the low mileage. The passenger seats were near perfect. The footwells had lovely lamps wool mats and additional rear foot rests.

rolls royce interiorAn interior that is spacious and comfortable, leaving you feeling good even after a long journey.

rolls royce rear seatsBodywork

The bodywork was in good condition and was cleaned weekly to remove dust and to maintain the polished finish. I did not use water to clean the car with, I choose to use Showroom Shine and I recommned this to anyone.

rolls royce ian caseleyrolls royce silver spirit blueside of rolls royce silver spiritAfter owning this lovely Rolls Royce for several years I have finally sold it. It has been one of the best cars I have had and a total pleasure drive.