Stallions Centaur Siam

stallions centaur siam

I finally bought a Stallions Centaur Siam cafe racer style motorbike that I first looked at in early 2016 when living in Thailand. It is a small and easy to ride machine with lots of character and identity.

centaur siam thailand

I like this Stallions motorbike and the upgrades it has over its predecessor,  the Stallions Centaur Cafe Racer that I owned a short time ago.

About The Stallions Centaur Siam

The Stallions Centaur Siam is a Chinese manufactured motorbike, as a result it is a cheap and well made motorbike. It is sold in Thailand using the established Thai brand ‘Stallions’. The Chinese company is called Somoto and this version is the ‘Crown Cafe B’. The engine is a Yamaha YBR clone engine with a displacement of 147cc, so a proven design and easy to maintain.

stallions centaur siam engine
Stallions Centaur Siam engine is a copy of the Yamaha YBR engine

The Siam has some nice features that include:

  • Clip on bars
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Chrome plated alloy wheel rims
  • Upgraded rear shocks
  • Twin dials, black on white background
  • Nicely upholstered seat

Anyone can see that the Royal Enfield Continental GT has been a source of inspiration, therefore gaining alot of interest. I would much rather own the Royal Enfield, but the high import duties in Thailand make it a very expensive purchase. It would be easier for me to move to India and experience ownership of such a fine machine.

Royal enfield and stallions centaur siam design
Classic Royal Enfield styling copied when creating the Stallions Centaur Siam.

My Stallions Centaur Siam Cafe Racer

This is a second-hand Stallions Centaur Siam purchased by me on 14th September 2017, I am well used to this manufacturers motorbikes having owned a black Stallions Centaur cafe racer before. This Stallions is just 5 months old and had covered a mere 168km.

stallions centaur siam speedo
Speedo reading just short of 170km after ride home.

The original owner simply did not use it and it had to be sold. I purchased this motorbike because:

  • A significant discount on the new price
  • I like the styling
  • Easy to use in traffic and get around on

I was looking for a classic Honda fitted with a later 4 speed engine, hence buying this will allow me to keep looking and have a cheap method of transport.