Best Siagon Coffee Shop

best siagon coffee shop

The best Siagon coffee shop is the Secret House in Binh Thanh area of the city. It is hidden away down a little alley and has a loyal local patronage that shows it is well liked. I use it because it is a very short walk from my apartment and I just like the easy going atmosphere.

Best Siagon Coffee Shop Location

It is in District 17 of Binh Thanh area in Siagon and a few kilometers from the center of the city. Binh Thanh is not the same is Ben Thanh and the two areas are often confused with each other.

This is the little shop on a typical day. It has a steady flow of people who want to relax and enjoy really good coffee.

secret house coffee shop siagon

Vietnamese Coffee is Amazing

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee beans in the world.

I have never been a keen coffee drinker and have looked down on the idiots who feel the need to walk the streets whilst proudly carrying a cup of Starbucks (or what ever brand they go for) as some sort of status symbol.

caphe da in vietnam
Caphe Da – Vietnamese coffee with ice in a tall glass.

I want to be very clear, the sort of coffee you get from the global brands in there ohh so nice stores is rubbish. Nothing compares to locally grown Vietnamese coffee that is consumed in the little one off local coffee shops who litter the streets of Vietnam. The level of national pride and identity that any vietnamese person conveys through a glass of coffee makes one realise how sold out the west has become. We (The English people) dont have an identity and we have nothing to hold dear – the UK has become a melting pot of anything from anywhere in the world. We are not even allowed to identify those who are clearly foriegn to our shores for fear of being labelled a racist. Enjoy your globally branded coffee that is over priced and under delivers in every respect except for massaging your ego.

Other Things at the Best Siagon Coffee Shop

ian caseley puppyI was lucky enough to have a good friend at Secret House (besides the owner). A little puppy who would run away from his house a short distance away to sit and hang out with me. I dont think he liked me in any way, I do think he was hanging around so he could chew on my trainers and try and run off with them.

They do more than Coffee

iced lemon tea in vietnamThe best Siagon Coffee Shop has a full menu of drinks that include iced lemon tea and lemon juice. They also have some great detox drinks that use plant leaves and fruits.